Phottix Hector Live-view remote


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Compose your photos without squinting! See what your camera sees without looking through the viewfinder. Take photos from up to 2 meters away from your camera.

The PHOTTIX® HECTOR™ LiveView Remote is designed to provide a remote liveview preview from a camera’s viewfinder on a 2.4" color LCD. The PHOTTIX® HECTOR™ works only with DSLR cameras that have LiveView functions. The HECTOR™ is connected to a DSLR camera using an AV and Remote cable.

The PHOTTIX® HECTOR™ can be used in many types of photography:

Nature Photography – You can set your camera in an open spot, not disturbing wild animals with your presence.
Macro Photography – Focus and take your photos without disturbing the elements you are shooting.
Street Photography – Take candid photos without raising the camera to your eye.   
Family photography – You can take snapshots, capturing surprised moments.

Phottix® HECTOR™ Set contains:

A receiver with a LCD display
AV and shutter release cable – connects receiver with camera’s AV and remote socket (8 optional cables to suit various cameras)
1 x rechargeable 3.7V 1300mAh lithium-ion batteries
1 x 5V 1000mA AC/DC adaptor

Phottix® HECTOR™ Features:
- Instant shutter release, 2 sec delay, continuous exposure, and B bulb modes
- Can be used as a wired shutter release when used without battery power
- Half-press autofocus functions *
- LCD Brightness adjustment.
- Compatible with most DSLR with LiveView functions
- Optional cable for different cameras

* The Hector's Autofocus functions will work with cameras with that feature. Some Canon DSLRs (40D, 50D, 5D Mk II, etc.) use the AF-ON button to focus in Live View mode, not the shutter release button. Consult your camera manual for Live View focusing specifics.


Power 100-220v
Dimensions 136mm x 65.5mm x 25.5mm
Battery 3.7V
Transmitter 2.5" color LCD screen
Warranty 12 Months
Modes single, 2s delay, bulb, continuous

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