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PHOTTIX® NIKOS Digital Timer Remote

PHOTTIX® NIKOS Digital Timer Remote

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Quick Overview

PHOTTIX® NIKOS Digital Timer Remote- digital timer designed to trigger a camera shutter with regular time intervals, featuring self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count settings.

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Product Description

The PHOTTIX® NIKOS Digital Timer Remote  is a digital timer designed to trigger a camera shutter with regular time intervals, featuring self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count settings.  The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.  The buttons can be operated with a single thumb.  The LCD panel can also be illuminated.  The remote has a stylish and ergonomic design, making it a pleasure to use.  It has a super large and bright LCD screen and highly bright backlight.  The shutter release button on the remote is a two-stage button: half-pressing the button will cause the camera to focus, and full-pressing will trigger the camera's shutter. 

The switch on the right-hand side of the PHOTTIX® NIKOS remote has three positions:
Off - turns the timer off
On - enables timer functionality
B – starting bulb mode with timer

Self Timer:
This counts down the specified period before it starts taking any action (up to 99h 59m 59s). Used by itself, this provides functionality to take a single photo after a specified time period.

Interval Timer:
This will actuate the shutter repeatedly at the specified period (each interval can be up to 99h 59m 59s).

Long Exposure Timer:
If the camera is in Bulb mode, the long exposure timer will hold the shutter open for the specified period (up to 99h 59m 59s).

Number of Frames:
This specifies the number of shutter actuations that the PHOTTIX® NIKOS will perform once it is put into play mode (0-99).

The real benefit of the PHOTTIX® NIKOS is when You combine multiple timer options.

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Features of PHOTTIX® NIKOS:
exposure-count settings
interval timer
long-exposure timer
optional cables for different cameras
stylish and ergonomic design

Cable version

Camera Model

Canon EOS 30/ 33/ 50/ 300/ 300D (Digital Rebel)/350D (XT)/400D(XTi)/ 450D (XSi)/ 1000D (XS)/1100D, 500D(T1i)/550D(T2i) / 600D/650D/700D /60D/70D 100D

Contax N/ 645

Pentax K110D/ K100D/ K200D/K10D/
K20D/ *ist DS/ DS2/ DL2/ DL/ D

Canon EOS 10D/20D/30D/40D/50D 5D/5D Mark II/7D 1D 1Ds Mark I-IV

Nikon D70s/ D80

Nikon N90s/ F5/ F6/ F100/ F90X/ D1/ D1H/ D1X/ D2/ D3/D3X/
D2Hs/ D2X/ D2Xs/ D200/ D300/ D700/D800

Kodak DSC-14N

Fuji S3 Pro/ S5 Pro

Nikon D90/D5000/D5100/D7000/D3100/D3200/D600/P7700
Olympus E520/ E510/ E420/ E410/ E400/ SP-570 UZ/ SP-560 UZ/ SP-550 UZ/ SP-510 UZ/PEN E-P1/E-P1/RM-UC1
Olympus E-1/ E-3/ E-10/ E-20/ E-100RS/ E-300/ E-330/ E-400/ E-410/ E-420/ E-500
Panasonic FZ50/Z50K/FZ50S/FZ30/FZ30K/FZ30S/FZ20/FZ20K/FZ20S /LC-1/L1/G1/GH1/GF1/GF2/GF3/G2/G10

Sony A100/ A200/ A300/ A350/ A700/ A900

Minolta Dynax 7D/ 5D/ Dynax 9/ 7/ 5/ 4/ 3Dynax 807 si/ 800si/ 700si/
600si/ 505si

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Socket version C6 for Canon XTi/350D/400D/450D/500D Pentax Samsung
Battery CR2032 (3V)
Battery lifetime 3 years (without using backlight)
Dimensions 100 x 40 x 15mm
Cable 90cm / 3ft
Warranty 12 Months
Modes self-timer
exposure count
interval timer
long-exposure timer