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Quick Overview

Phottix® TR-90 Multi-function Remote Switch with Digital Timer Control (Intervalometer Remote).

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Product Description

PHOTTIX® TR-90   Multi-function Remote Switch with Digital Timer Control (Intervalometer Remote).
The Multi-Function remote provides a simple trigger function and can activate the bulb function on Canon/Nikon SLR cameras. It provides such functions as a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, exposure count setting feature.
Good replacement for the Canon TC-80N3 and the Nikon MC-36


Timer delay  0s to 99:59:59s in 1 sec intervals
Exposure time 0s to 99:59:59s in 1 sec intervals
Interval 1s to 99:59:59s in 1 sec intervals
Number of shots 1 to 399

 PHOTTIX® TR-90 Camera Compatibility:

Phottix® TR-90 C6
(Canon RS-60E3 Compatible Cord)

•  Canon XTi/350D/400D/450D/500D/550D/600D/1100D/60D, Powershot G10, G11, G12Contax N/Contax 645, Pentax Samsung
• Canon EOS 33/30/50/300/500/600D/650D700D/60D/70D
• Pentax K10D/K100D/IST D/DS
• Samsung GX-10/GX-1L/GX-1S
• Contax 645/N

Phottix® TR-90 C8
(Canon TC-80N3 Compatible Cord)
• EOS 10D / 20D / 30D / 40D / 50D
• EOS 5D/ 5D MK II/ 5D MK III / 1D / 1Ds
• EOS 1D Mark II / 1D Mark II N
• EOS 1Ds Mark II
• EOS 1D Mark III / 1Ds Mark III/ 1D IV
Phottix® TR-90 N6
(Nikon MC-DC1 Compatible Cord)
• Nikon D70s
• Nikon D80

Phottix® TR-90 N8
(Nikon MC-36 Compatible Cord)

• Nikon D3
• Nikon D700
• Nikon D300
• Nikon D200
• Nikon D100(must be used in combination with the MB-D100 multi-functional battery pack)
• Nikon D1 / D1H / D1X
• Nikon D2 / D2H / D2X
• Nikon F6
• Nikon F5
• Nikon F100
• Nikon F90 / F90x
• Nikon N90 / N90x
• Fujifilm S3 Pro/S5 Pro
• Kodak DSC-14H

Phottix® TR-90 N10
(Nikon MC-DC2 Compatible Cord)
• Nikon D90 / D5000 / D5100/ D5200/ D7000 / D7100/ D3100/ D3200/ D600/P7700
Phottix® TR-90 S6
(Nikon MC-36 Compatible Cord)

• Sony A100
• Sony A200
• Sony A300
• Sony A350
• Sony 700
• Minolta 5D
• Minolta 7D

Phottix® TR-90 O6
(Nikon MC-36 Compatible Cord)
• Olympus E420
• Olympus E410
• Olympus 510
• Olympus E520 RM-UC1



Socket version C6 for Canon XTi/350D/400D/450D/500D Pentax Samsung
Battery 2xAAA 1.5 Batteries (included)
Battery lifetime 60 days of continuous shooting
Dimensions 155x40x18mm
Weight 105g
Cable 850mm (33.5in)
Transmission -20 to +50 C