Name: Garry Black
Country: Canada
Specialty: Fashion, Travel, Commercial, Photography Education

Brief Bio:
Garry Black is an Ottawa-based photographer and photography instructor, who specializes in travel, landscape, and fashion photography. He is a leading producer of stock imagery for Masterfile, as well as several other stock photo agencies. His images have been extensively published in numerous national and international publications where they have been used for advertisements, books, magazines, and websites. Clients who have used his work are AMERICAN EXPRESS, BMW, CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES, COCA COLA, DISNEY, ELLE MAGAZINE, FAIRMONT HOTELS, FASHION MAGAZINE, FORD MOTOR COMPANY, HALLMARK CARDS, HOLLAND AMERICA CRUISE LINE, MICROSOFT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, O - THE OPRAH MAGAZINE, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, ROLLS ROYCE, SONY, SEIKO, TOYOTA, WESTINGHOUSE and UNITED AIRLINES

For nearly 30 years, he has been leading workshops in some of the most inspiring locations around the world. He also teaches a variety of classes ranging from Impressionist photography to Model Photo Shoot workshops. He frequently presents seminars and instructional programs to camera clubs and at photo conferences. He is a Canadian Sigma and also a Manfrotto Pro Photographer. Garry was chosen as one of Canada’s Distinguished Professional Photographers by CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art)

Phottix Gear Used:
Phottix Indra 500
Phottix Odin TCU Canon
Phottix Odin Receiver Canon

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 Garry Black

Garry Black

Name: Michael Greenberg
Country: Canada
Studio Name: Phototerra Studio Canada
Specialty: Wedding, fashion, portraiture

Brief Bio:
Michael Greenberg is one of the top 10 Canadian wedding photographers with studios in 2 major cities in Canada, who’s style incorporates fashion, art and photo-journalism. He is highly acclaimed for his work and sought after world-wide.

Michael’s dedication to his career has won him multiple international awards, including a Grand Award at WPPI for the highest achievement in wedding photography (2010)

In the same year, Michael’s photos were featured in The Best of Wedding Photojournalism, 2nd edition, book written by Bill Hurter, which motivated him to share his knowledge with others. By hosting workshops and seminars across North America, Europe and Asia, Michael was able to reach out to thousands of other photographers, lecturing about his technical and at the same time artistic approach to photography. While he continued winning at international competitions, Michael also became a judge at some of them including the WPPI.

You can find his work on the covers of photography and wedding magazines like Photolife, PhotoED, Rangefinder, Elegant Wedding, Wedluxe and Grace O’rmond.

Twitter: @phototerra


Michael Greenberg

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