Name: Michael Zelbel
Studio Name: Michael Zelbel Photography
Country: Germany
Specialty: Fine Art
Brief Bio:
  • amateur photographer, 5+ years experience
  • operating a studio in Duesseldorf, Germany
  • coaching photographers in photography and marketing
    Accepts bookings for
  • commercial (beauty and fashion)
  • portrait and artistic (nudes)
  • weddings

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Phottix Gear Used:
Phottix Odin (always on my camera)
Phottix Atlas (for extremely tricky flash triggering situations
Phottix Aristo (whenever I have my camera on a tripod)
Phottix Titan Batteries(For extra juice in my cameras)
Michael says: What I love about Phottix products is that real innovation meets superb build quality. I make magic happen with their products and they are rock solid.

Website / portfolio address, Facebook link, twitter etc.
Free training on doing speedlight magic:
Coaching club for ambitous photographers:
My 2 cents on what’s going on:

Michael Zelbel

Michael Zelbel


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