United Arab Emirates

Name: Sam Coran
Studio Name: Imprint Studio
Country: United Arab Emirates
Specialty: Lifestyle Portraiture and Corporate Photography

Brief Bio:
Sam has taken on a number of odd jobs from being a service crew in a restaurant, a tour guide, a salesman, a call center agent, even a receptionist for a fitness center, saying that before becoming a photographer, he didn’t know what to do with his life.In 2008, from his scrimping and saving, he was able to buy his first DSLR and instantly fell in love with the craft. With a new found sense of determination, Sam enrolled in a self-paced study program with The New York Institute of Photography to study the fundamentals of photography. Then, after just a year, with growing success in his newfound field, he needed to quit his day job to accommodate a growing number of clients.

“Photography for me, is my life. I am nothing without it,” says Sam with a drive and purpose that he once thought he did not have.

Clients include:
Tiffany and Co.
Jotun Paint International
Fitness First Middle East
Home Centre Middle east
Standard Chartered
Smitten Shop
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

Phottix Gear Used:
Phottix Atlas
Beauty Dish
60″ and 72″ Para-Pro Umbrellas – both reflective and shoot thru
7 in 1 reflector
Easy-Up Octa Softbox Umbrella 32″
Sam says: Phottix: Professional quality for the most affordable price.

studio: http://theimprintstudio.com/
website: www.samcoran.com
facebook: facebook.com/samcoran
BLOG: http://samcoran.wordpress.com/
GOOGLE + https://plus.google.com/114498995900846477530/posts

Sam Coran

Sam Coran

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