Name:  Damjan Fiket
Studio Name:  Reflexion
Specialty:  Fine Art Wedding
Country:  Italy and Croatia

Brief Bio:

Damjan Fiket is an international awarded wedding photographer from Croatia. He is 3rd generation of photographers in his family. As he countinuated his family bussines he decided to specialize wedding photography. As a wedding photographer he travelled to many destinations such as USA, UK,Germany,France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

After attending workshops and learning from of some of the best wedding photographers, (Jerry Ghionis, Nik Perkidis, Yervant, Salvatore Dimino, CM Leung, Keda Z. ,David Beckstead, Rocco Ancora) he decided to enter one of the most exclusive competitions for wedding photographers.

He won several Gold and Silver awards at SWPP in the UK. Also he won the “Wedding photographer of the year” competition in a photojournalistic category in year 2014. At WPPI he won several Awards of Excellence from 2009 till now. In 2016 he started teaching and mentoring other photographers in Croatia.

Phottix Gear Use:

Indra500 Studio Light
Mitros+ x 2
Odin II transmitter


Instagram: reflexionweddings

Damjan Fiket 5cm

Damjan Fiket