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1200x1200 PhotographyShow2022 TFC booth No

Phottix at Photography Show 2022
Stand F406 by The Flash Center

We Announces our distributor in the UK – The Flash Center as an exhibitor at The Photography Show 2022.

Event: Photography Show 2022
Date: 17 – 20 September 2022,
Venue: The NEC, Birmingham, UK
Stand: F406

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PHOTONEXT2022 BOOTH31 1000x1000 080622

Phottix at PHOTONEXT 2022
The Powerful lighting cover the Booth 31

PHOTONEXT 2022 would behold from June 7th (Tuesday) to 8th (Wednesday) In Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

As the official record of PHOTONEXT 2022, this exhibition attracted substantial attendance. The attendance has significantly raised 10 percentage points from last year.

The workshop “how to utilize your Phottix product” by Japanese Professional photographer Mr. Kazuya Seki(関一也) was held successfully yesterday.
We are truly honored to be able to have Mr. Kazuya as the lecturer to share his precious experience and practical tips on using our products.

More PHOTONEXT 2022 event photo

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PHOTONEXT2022 BOOTH31 banner

SAEDA x Phottix / Loupedeck at Booth 31

The PHOTONEXT 2022, will behold from June 7th (Tuesday) to 8th (Wednesday) In Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012, Japan.

PHOTONEXT is a product exhibition for professional photographers and photography equipment companies. This event gathers products that can be mainly used by photographers involved in commercials, news reports, and publishing, as well as photo studios, bridal-related companies, manufacturers, trading companies, and laboratories.

We are truly happy to be one of the exhibitors of PHOTONEXT, thank you to our Japan distributor SAEDA for making this happen. We will be located in Booth31 Phottix/Loupedeck.

Sample products will be exhibited to allow visitors to try them on hand. A talk show will behold on the 7/6 by focus primarily on utilizing your Phottix Product by Mr. Kazuya Seki(関一也).

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1000x1000 Tokyo Bridge Beauty 040422

Phottix Japan Exhibition
Tokyo Bridge Beauty

Phottix Japan had hold an exhibition with their local photographer Mr. Tsuchiya katsu(土屋勝義) entitled “Tokyo Bridge Beauty”( “東京橋美人”) from 22nd March to 26th March at Pictorico Shop & Gallery located in Tokyo, Japan.

Here we congratulate the huge success of this exhibition! Meanwhile, the meaning of the photos is remarkable.
The Sumida River (隅田川) is a river that flows through central Tokyo, the blue color of the water is representing their gratitude and respect for the medical workers during the intense situation of COVID-19.

As a collaboration of Phottix Japan and the photographer Mr. Tsuchiya, the M200R RGB LED Light has been used majorly within the photos. Also, Phottix Japan has displayed different versions of Phottix LED Lights at the exhibition (e.gM100R/M200R/M500R/M1000R).

Phottix Japan held exhibitions often and collaborate with different styles of photographers. We are truly rejoiced to see this happening.

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1000x1000 FOTO-TECHNIKA Mobile RGB Review 310322

Mobile RGB LED Review

Unboxing video and detail product review from our client, FOTO-TECHNIKA, from Poland. (Google is your friend)

The Phottix M500R/M1000R RGB Light is a new generation RGB light that uses the latest in flicker-free LED technology for mobile phones and cameras. They are ideal for smartphone users and on-the-go creators and are perfect for shooting weddings, interviews, portraits, videos, and macro shots. They are for anyone who needs extra light for photos, video, vlogging, or live streaming.

In addition to inheriting the attractive ultra-thin body design of the M180, the M100R/M500R/M1000R is rated at CRI 96+ for accurate color rendering, features bright high-performance LED’s, an adjustable brightness and color temperature (3200K-5600K) control function, full 0-360 degrees color hue and saturation adjustment, 21 preset multi-scene lighting effects, also it could be used as a power bank( Built-in 20000mAh Battery Capacity)

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1000x1000 Nuada R4 II LED Light Glare 300322

Nuada R4 II LED Light Glare

We have received an introduction video from our user Tim Maguad Photography from the Philippines. We are pleased to share this with you.

The new generation Phottix Nuada R4 II LED Light features 70W of soft and flattering light and is ideal for stylists and make-up artists to vloggers, photographers, and videographers.

With flicker-free technology and high color accuracy of CRI96+, the R4 II comes complete with a 2.4GH remote control (range up to 164ft/50m) that features 3 groups and 40 channels. Creativity also knows no limits, and as part of the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1), the Nuada R4 II allows users complete freedom to add and expand their system by interacting seamlessly with other Phottix Products, including Nuada R3 II and Kali 50.

Color temperature is variable and ranges from 3200K to 5600K so you can match to other fixtures or ambient lighting conditions with ease. Light is filtered through a built-in diffuser and provides a uniformly illuminated area of soft light with no glare.

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1000x1000 AXA @ Nuadaring60

Best Ring Light for multiple purpose
AXA Hong Kong live streaming with Nuada Ring60

We are rejoiced to share this with you, AXA Hong Kong is using our Phottix Nuada Ring 60 LED Light for their live streaming talk as the photos we enclosed.

The Nuada Ring 60 LED Light is a powerful version that allows multiple users at the same time. The 19 inches (49cm) ring design of the Phottix Nuada Ring60 LED Light is made up of 216 pieces of 5600K cool color LED beads and 216 pieces and 3200K warm color LED beads, with a total output of 48W. It is an excellent choice to create soft, beautiful lighting that fills in shadows on the face, reduces facial imperfections, iconic catchlights in the eyes. Whether you’re using it for vlogging, live streaming, capturing video or shooting still photos for portraits, food, still life, and many other types of genres.

The Phottix Nuada Ring60 includes a Lightweight collapsible light stand and a carry bag for easy travel, perfect for switching between shooting in a studio and on the go.
The LED body has 5 cold-shoe mounts, which include a camera Bracket and a smartphone clip. The back panel also has 1 x USB output which can provide power to a smartphone or a camera.

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1000x1000 Youth College VTC

Collaboration with education organization
Youth College VTC @ Phottix

Phottix is always devoted to developing various camera accessories for fulfilling different users’ needs and usages. We are also devoted to developing a new generation of photographers.We are pleased to share this case with you.

Youth College VTC is one of the biggest education organizations authorized by the government in Hong Kong. They provide multiple programs to allow the youth to pursue their dream.

We are rejoiced to cooperate with them. Our products are being used for their studio production /photography projects.
For example, Softboxes, Led Lights, backdrops and etc…

We believe this is a great opportunity for our clients to consider expanding their business to the education aspect. To show support to the new generation photographers of your community and helps to build up your reputation.

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1000x1000 X160 video by Focus Nusantara

X160 Stunning image video by Focus Nusantara

We have received an stunning introduction video from our distributor’s dealer in Indonesia, created by Focus Nusantara.
since last year of October we have launched the X160 COB BI-COLOR LED Light which is an ideal light source for broadcast studio and field video productions.

It provides excellent light quality within the 2800-6800K range of color temperature, with a strong output power of 150W brightness.
Also features a separate external controller with an LCD display where you can adjust the brightness and color temperature, using the built-in 5 scenario effects modes, DMX mode.

It can be easily controlled from a smartphone app via Bluetooth connection available for Android and IOS. This light can be powered by AC power or a V-mount lithium battery.

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