Name:  Grzegorz “Moment” Płaczek
Specialty:  Wedding photography and portraits
Country:  Poland

Brief Bio:

As a wedding photographer he has worked literally throughout the whole world. Not including Poland, he has also worked in Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Slovakia, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Mauritius, Mozambique and the Maldives. According to the Italian Magazine “Just Married” he is among the Top Wedding Photographers in the world in 2014.

He also received “The Best Award – Photographer of The Year 2014” title. Recently he was awarded also in the category: “Trendsetters – The Most Beautiful  Polish Wedding” by Bridelle Magazine. Grzegorz also received “Diamond Award” for the image “The Bride in Tuscany” of the International Film and Photography Festival in Asia. He also won many other competitions for photographers and he received „Gold Award” of Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers in the UK in 2014.

Grzegorz “Moment” Placzek has been supporting other wedding photographers and their development through comprehensive photography workshops. He has provided many workshops for photographers, working for “The School of image” and “Nikon Academy”. He was truly honoured to be hosted in TV programmes dedicated to the latest trends in the weeding photography.


Website / portfolio address:
Facebook: grzegorz.moment.placzek

Grzegorz_Moment_P_aczek 500

Grzegorz “Moment” Płaczek

Name:  Adam Kokot
Specialty:  Extreme sport and adventure photographer
Country:  Poland

Brief Bio:

I was born in 1981 and I am a graduate of pharmacy by education, and since I can remember my life has been connected to mountains and traveling. I became interested in photography a couple of years ago. I bought my first good camera in 2007 and initially I wasn’t really ambitious, treating the activity just as a great hobby and a springboard from my profession. But things went in a different direction.

Together with my friends I went climbing in the Tatra Mountains and took some photographs of their achievements. The photos turned out to be interesting for prestigious polish outdoor magazines. Since then I’ve looked at photography in a different way, I’ve learnt and experimented. Now, I’m a regular contributor to mountain magazines in Poland and Czech republic. I try to combine traveling with photography. I try to show everyday life as well as the uniqueness of that part of the world.

Phottix Gear Used:

Phottix Odin for Canon
Phottix Varos


Adam Kokot 500

Adam Kokot

Name:  Rafał Makieła
Studio Name:  Makuza Studio
Specialty:  Professional underwater photography, fashion, advertising and artistic wedding photography
Country:  Poland

Brief Bio:

Rafał Makieła is 38 years old, from Wroclaw in Poland. His photography began 8 years ago, the impulse of interest in this field of art was the birth of his daughter Maksymilianna. The desire to immortalize every day of her life led to his interest in photography. And so it became his passion. Slowly Rafał learned following the best photographers and practicing constantly. He was looking for theme of expression in different fields of photography.

Finally one day he came across the pictures of Zena Holloway and he decided to accomplish something as spectacular as her pictures (Rafał still follows the best). At the moment Rafał does professional underwater photography, advertising and artistic wedding photography.

Photographer with passion.

Phottix Gear Used:

Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Trigger Set for Canon (all cables)
Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Receiver for Canon
Phottix PPL-400 Flash, Bowens Mounting Rings and Cable for Canon 580EXII
Phottix Easy Up Octa Softbox with Grid 80 cm
Phottix Para-Pro Reflective Umbrella 72” (182 cm) B/S
Phottix Para-Pro Shoot-Through Umbrella 72” (182 cm)
Phottix Varos Multi-Function Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder
Phottix Varos XS Multi-Function Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder
Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger For Canon
Phottix Aion Wireless Timer

Rafal says: Phottix products are comprehensive and reliable tools for every photographer who want value for money.


Facebook: makielaphotography
Art wedding FB: Makuza Studio

RafalMakiela 500

Rafał Makieła

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