Name:  William Barrington-Binns
Specialty:  Commercial, Fashion Concept Visual Artist and Photographer
Country:  UK and Thailand

Brief Bio:

William’s Photographic journey has taken him quite far in a remarkably short time. Now an International Award Winning Photographer, Phase One Ambassador, Phottix Pro Team & PPAC Ambassador, his work regularly appears in glitzy titles such as Promo Magazine NYC and industry stalwarts like Professional Photographer. His work is featured on Fashion TV, TV news and several hardbacks.

William divides his pro time between his Bangkok-based studio and several projects in the UK, and in 2017 is scheduled to work in a number of countries including China, the Maldives, the Philippines and Iceland.

His creative photography is influenced by his deep rooted love of South East Asia, with an Avant Garde twist from his European background. After studying for just over two years with some of the best in the business, and receiving rave reviews in the process, he was made Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, Associate of the Master Photography Association and Associate of The British Institute of Professional Photographers. Always striving for new heights of achievement, he is a passionate advocate of universal education, and an activist for gender and ethnicity equality.

“We can all take a picture, it’s the ability to interpret and captivate an image and in a particular manner that arouses the emotions of its audience, that is what defines us as photographers!” WBB

“This is the beginning of another journey in my life”, he stresses. And he looks forward to sharing it with you.


Facebook: wbbco
Instagram: WBB and Co
Twitter: WBB1

wbbmesmilenik web

William Barrington-Binns

Name:  Robert Pugh
Specialty:  Wedding
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

Professional wedding and portrait photographer Robert Pugh has spent the last seven years as an ‘Olympus Visionary’ promoting the brand through his art and images.

The start of 2017 has seen Rob move away from Olympus to become a Global Ambassador for Sony, initiating a complete overhaul of his pro kit.

Rob is a wedding photojournalist based in Berkshire, with a background in press photojournalism, working throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. His photojournalism background makes his wedding photography distinctive, and imbues it with a visual narrative that tells a story. Rob believes that his natural, un-posed reportage-style wedding photography allows clients to get on with enjoying their day, in the knowledge that he’ll capture beautiful, un-forced images to be treasured for years to come.

Rob also teaches photographers through training workshops, specialising in urban portraiture (on the streets) and wedding photography. He has also presented on the live stages at The Photography Show and Photokina, as well as running demonstrations at exhibition shows for major several major brands.

To find out more about Rob and his work, follow him on social media or check out his website.


Facebook: rpphotographybydesign
Instagram: robjpugh
Twitter: rpphotobydesign
Youtube: Robert Pugh

Robert Pugh web

Robert Pugh

Name:  Matthew Rycraft
Specialty:  Wedding
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

Matthew Rycraft is a International award winning full time professional wedding & portrait photographer based in Southport, Merseyside, exclusively only shooting 45 weddings per year. He aims to push boundaries to produce photographs inspiring to all, and uses 4 key fundamentals when creating his work : Classy, Dramatic, Natural & Storytelling.

From a young age he always had a camera in hand and loved seeing photographs printed. It’s no different now, Matthew Produces the most glorious albums for each and every client and loves nothing more than seeing the bride and grooms faces upon collection from his Studio. He uses his fun and lively personalty to get the best out of his clients which is demonstrated in all his work.

He is honoured to have won wedding of the year 2 years on the run, with Your Merseyside Wedding Magazine. He has had numerous wedding magazine front covers & magazine features spanning his 10 year professional career. He has now embarked on a journey to pass his skills to others and 3 times a year gives workshops from his Southport Studio, with plans to provide these internationally.


Matt Photo 5cm

Matthew Rycraft

Name:  Steven Neeson
Specialty:  Wedding
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

A multi award winning professional photographer based in Northern Ireland, Steven Neeson has quickly became one of the most sought after wedding photography specialists in the country.

Steven has a clear directive, style and approach to his craft, which is to capture those paramount moments in life as beautifully as possible. His portfolio boasts an extensive range of spectacular images taken within his home country and beyond.

Steven’s wedding photography style could be described as natural, elegant, romantic and cinematic. Intricately composed shots incorporating lighting to dramatic effect show Steven’s technical prowess, while his natural, documentary portfolio shows his eye for capturing those natural moments in life.

His passion for photography started in 2007 and soon after photographed his first wedding. Steven has been a full time professional since 2012 and has covered over 250 weddings and picked up 2 national awards in this short space of time.

Stevens latest accolade is the Commercial Photographer of the year 2016 Northern Ireland.

Phottix Gear Used:

Phottix Indra500 TTL studio lights
Phottix Odin 2 TTL Flash Trigger for Canon
Phottix Mitros TTL Flashes for Canon
Phottix Pro Beauty dish mk11
Phottix Pro Luna Octa Softbox 110cm
Phottix Pro easy up Octa 80cm
Phottix Parabolic Umbrella
Phottix Light Stands


Steven_Neeson web

Steven Neeson

Name:  Lee Searle
Specialty:  Portrait, Wedding and Commercial
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

Lee Searle is a professional photographer living in Cornwall, combining his love of telling stories through photography with his unique personal style. Regularly commissioned for photographic projects by major organisations such as The National Trust and the BBC, Lee has built a reputation as a talented photographic artist.

Creating images that preserve a moment in time and will last a lifetime, Lee also shoots family and individual portraits, capturing the emotion and personality of his subjects.

What makes Lee stand out from the crowd is his instinctive and natural style combined with his easy-going and humorous personality. Lee’s images speak for themselves and his portfolios can be viewed on his website.

Phottix Gear Used:

Phottix Indra 360
Phottix Indra 500
Phottix Juno Flash
Phottix Premio 85 and 120
Phottix 120cm Extra large Octobox
Phottix Strip Softboxes


Facebook: leesearlephoto
instagram: leesearlephoto
twitter: leesearle
Youtube: leesearlephotography

Lee Searle 500px

Lee Searle

Name:  Krish Nagar
Specialty:  Fine Art , Alternative Fashion & portrait
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

Hailing from Bristol, UK & Currently residing in Carmarthen, West Wales, Krish is an accomplished Internationally Published Fine Art , Alternative Fashion & portrait photographer with ponchont for Pyrotechnics.

Krish began his Photographic journey in 2011 shortly after completing his Degrees in Fine art @ UWIC (Cardiff) He quickly swapped the Paintbrush and spray cans for a quicker form of expression and has not looked back since. The work on the whole is based around alternative people (Tattoos, Piercings ect) but his love of the extreme has driven him onto a love for the more elaborate world of Smoke grenades and Fire Performer.

In the last 4 years he has gained international publications in several major Global Magazines & has represented brands all over the UK and Europe.
Krish is currently working with the likes of Global Lighting Giants Phottix UK as one of their Pro Team Ambassadors and Champions Samyang lenses as well as creating images and video content with brands Like Advance and Enthrone to name just a few. If you require any further information or would like to work with Krish on projects and shoots please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Krishen Nagar 500px

Krish Nagar

Name:  Michael Sewell
Specialty:  Commercial, Automotive, Sports, Food & Weddings
Country:  UK

Brief Bio:

Michael Sewell has 40 years experience in commercial and corporate photography, from automotive and vehicle photography to food and products, covering sports, weddings and events in between.

Michael is known for his creativity and lighting skills, his attention to detail and patience for the perfect picture.

Michael is an Elinchrom Ambassador, a Phottix Ambassador and also an OM SYSTEM Ambassador.

Michael spends his time between his studios in Nelson, Burnley and Millom, Cumbria.


michael sewell 1000px

Michael Sewell