Name:  Marian Sterea
Name:  Mariansterea Photo Studio
Specialty:  Wedding/ Portrait
Country:  Romania

Brief Bio:

I started doing photography in 2009, when my wife gave me as present a photo camera. At the beginning I was only playing, but later on, during an event where I was only a guest, I asked the hired photographer what is his opinion regarding my camera. He said that it was a “toy”. Those words only made me more determined to upgrade my gear and the next camera I bought was a Nikon D90, which, in my opinion, I actually worn out. After D90 I bought a D700, which was a revelation for me, it is and will always be my favorite camera. I still work very well with it, although it has been morally surpassed by other cameras.

Being a photographer doesn’t mean being a master in technique, owning the newest cameras, it`s just about feeling the light! In my case, the words of Anabella Williams stands: “Photography is 90% psychology and only 10% technique”. I have learned about photography by practicing a great amount of time and by watching tutorials on YouTube. The first workshop that I attended was the one that I organized in 2010 in Constanta. I like competitions. Not for the awards, but for that beautiful state of mind I have when people that I consider professionals give me their vote of confidence. It is always nice to see clients that value my work, but the subjectivism of a person who is the character of a photo is greater than the one from an uninvolved professional, the one that looks with a critical eye at the work of another professional. This is the main reason I enter competitions; they represent an objective, a view of my work.

Through these years, I have won many national and international awards, among which: the photography of the year 2012 – Nikon Romania, with a wedding photography, top 50 “Fearless Photographers” selection – a community of approx. 2500 very talented photographers worldwide, WPPI, ISPW, SWPP, Wedding Photographer Society.

Phottix Gear Use:

Indra500 Studio Light kit
Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash Kit for Nikon
Phottix Easy-Folder Softbox Deluxe Kit with Round Mask and Grid


Instagram: mariansterea

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Marian Sterea