Name:  Remy Musser
Studio Name:  Studio1907
Specialty:  Commercial, Travel, Aerial photography
Country:  Greece

Brief Bio:

Remy Musser is a French born full time stock photographer based in Greece. Sharing his time between Athens and the island of Zakynthos, Remy Musser has over the past few years established himself as one of the world’s most successful stock and travel photographer. His work has been widely published in magazines that are featured in printed product lines sold widely across the globe.

Always on the move, Remy defines himself as a “Professional tourist”

Phottix Gear Use:

Strato II
Para Pro 72”
Umbrella softboxes

Remy says: Phottix is the proof that pro gears don’t have to cost you an arms or a leg. I have always found light modifiers disposable until I used the Phottix products, the built quality is amazing.


Remy Musser - Greece 500

Remy Musser

Name:  Nikos Pekridis
Studio Name:  Photopek
Specialty:  Wedding
Country:  Greece

Brief Bio:

I have been a professional photographer for 25 years, and became a member of SWPP, WPPI, ISPWP and PWS in Greece in the last three years. I have won several awards through SWPP, WPPI, and PWS, for example, the 20×16 image completion. I am the only Greek photographer who received an award from ASWPP.

I categorize myself mostly as an editorial and fashion photographer, who likes the romance and feelings of happiness at weddings. I take posed and candid shots, with a ratio of 80-20 in fashion shots.

I just love weddings to feel the joy, glamour and happiness of the day.


Facebook: nik.pekridis
Instagram: nikpekridis

Nikos Pekridis 500

Nikos Pekridis

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