Name:  Jose Antunes
Name:  Jose Antunes
Specialty:  Editorial, Travel, Nature, Aviation
Country:  Portugal

Brief Bio:

I am a writer and photographer with work published in places as Pro Video Coalition, Phototuts +, Manfrotto School of Xcellence, Pixiq and Fotodigital. I started taking pictures in the seventies, professionaly since the eighties. Worked as a writer and photographer for printed newspapers and magazines until 2009, on the web since. I run special tours in an area of Portugal for photographers that place phgotography above all. See more at

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottis Mitros + flashes
Phottix Atlas and Odin flash triggers
Closeup lenses
Radio triggers and Timers for camera shutters
Vario ND filters
Various studio/lighting gear
Phottix VLED lights


Facebook: jose.antunes.33

Jose Antunes

Jose Antunes