Name:  Steve Lance Lee
Specialty:  Landscape Photography
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Steve Lance Lee, an award-winning landscape photographer and also a senior gamification/Team Building trainer from Malaysia, has travel across ASEAN to facilitate workshops for top companies and develop a life-long passion in photography. His artwork has been published in major newspapers and online news around the globe. Currently, Steve is working hand in hand with cutting-edge photography accessories companies to enhance and inspire new generation photographers in landscape photography. 


– 1st Placing in 2016 PPAC 1st half online landscape category
– Bronze award in 2016 PPAC 2nd half online landscape category
– 3rd Placing in PPAC 2017 International Photo Awards Print Competition landscape category
– 2nd Placing in 2017 PPAC 2nd half online landscape category
– One Eyeland Top 10 Photography Award 2017 – Bronze for Landscape category
– His work is been featured in :-
– The Star New (United Kingdom)
– Yahoo News (USA)
– Yahoo New (Singapore)
– The Insight news (Korea)
– The Metro Newpaper (UK)
– The Xin Hua Net News (China)
– Sina Net News (China)
– Pudong TV (China)
– The Weather Channel (USA)
– Storytrender (USA)
– Avax News (USA)
– The Flair News ( Netherlands )
– Aktualne News and Media Holding (Finland)
– Tportal News (Croatia)

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Aion™ Wireless Timer and Shutter Release

Phottix gear allows me to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments, these revolutionaries the next level of photography as a life game changer.


Facebook: stevelancelee

Steve Lance Lee 5cm

Steve Lance Lee

Name:  Roger Tan
Studio Name:  Mios creative wedding studio
Specialty:  Wedding & portrait photographer
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Roger Tan is a Malaysia professional photographer from Sabah, Experienced master photographer who travel around the world for photography assignment, in 2014 Januarly Roger has achieved MPA(Master Photographer Association) highest level qualified photographer, FMPA (Fellowship) United Kingdom, in year 2012 – 2016 Roger Tan has won over 150 awards been recognised for his creative ,unique and fantastic artwork by the international competition all around the world specialy from some famous and huge photography association like WPPI MPA WPJA WPPM.

Roger impresses his wedding clients with his specialized artistic skill and personal attention to details in his client’s weddings.Roger’s work is regarded as an art piece by wedding couples. Roger’s success in his career made him one of the most famous photographers in the region.

Roger Tan is an experienced examiners active in MPA qualification judge for wedding & portrait category in Asia country (China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore), he is also Invited as international competition judge for PPAC, WPPA, ASIAWPA, ALLXIU. Also as a invited speaker for MPA and PWT.

The masterpiece of Roger Tan and the interview by press have been published in photography magazine and newspaper all around the world.

Roger Tan artwork is the combination of classic art and modern art, this combination is a new and leading trend in photography industry which maximise the art sense and modern factor.Roger works have been define as a piece of art rather than just a photo. You might found elements of painting and fantasy.


Below is the award earned by Roger Tan:
2010 – 2015 over 150 awards

– WPPI 2015 printing competition, engagement category, 1st prize;
– WPPI 2015 printing competition, Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day category, 1st prize;
– WPPI 2015 printing competition, Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day category, 3rd prize;
– WPPI 2015 printing competition, Wedding Couple Together: Wedding day, 3rd prize
– WPPI 2014 printing competition, Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day category, 2nd prize;
– WPPI 2014 printing competition, Wedding Couple Together: Wedding day, 2nd prize
– AIPP 2014 wedding gold award
– WPPA Malaysia top 2014 top photographer
– MPA 2013 Rest of the world
– MPA 2013 Best portait Potographer of the year
– WPPI online wedding detail 3rd place
– AGWPJA 2011 photographer of the year top 13
– AGWPJA 2010 photographer of the year top 17

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Mitros+ TTL Flash for Nikon
Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger


Facebook: roger.tan.7

Roger Tan 2018 5cm

Roger Tan

Name:  Lestony Lee
Studio Name:  A Studio
Specialty:  Wedding and Portrait
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Lestony Lee is a professional photographer with 8 years of experience. Certified by Master Photography Association UK, he specialises in photographing weddings, events, and taking portraits. His passion for photography began in 2006 as a hobby when he worked as a part-time portrait photography assistant.

When his brother gifted him with a camera in 2009, this act truly set Lestony on the path to professional photography. He believes that photography has the power to evoke people’s emotions and influence their thinking. And he wishes to capture people when they are their truest selves, to showcase the moments in which they are most beautiful, and to create stories with each image. This young, ambitious photographer is always seeking ways to challenge himself and improve his techniques and skills.

From joining Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM) 2011 to participating in workshops, he’s constantly trying to better himself. Over the past 8 years, his passion has enabled him to produce extraordinary award-winning images, allowing him to collaborate with local artists and masters. He’s already won multiple international awards from the PPAC 2016 2nd place to an honourable mention at the Moscow International Foto Awards 2014. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking and self-motivation, Lestony knows that the challenges life throws his way are all tools he may use to get out of his comfort zone and improve himself.

Phottix Gear Use:

Indra 500 TTL
Indra360 TTL
Mitros+ x 2



Lestony Lee

Name:  Jensom Ng
Studio Name:  JENSOM NG Productions
Specialty:  Portrait Photography
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Named as the “Best Portrait Photographer In Malaysia” by 21st Century Prestigious Brand Awards 2014/2015, Jensom is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of MyDream Academy (M) International S/B. ( No. 1 awards winning event engineering & movie production company in Northern Malaysia ), MyDream’s Artists® Chief Visual Artist as well as mentor. 

With the solid foundation of a movie’s Director Of Photography and the ingenuity of a successful event organizer, Jensom’s style can be described where vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion. With the innate ability to make everyone look and feel beautiful in front of his camera, Jensom’s images are often simple yet a complex blend of soul, imagination and technical skill. Whether he is doing a corporate portrait session, lifestyle portrait or wedding assignment, Jensom has the ability to see what others don’t and bring out the best in any situation. Jensom has staged some of the most talked about corporate and social events in Malaysia.

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Mitros+ TTL Flash
Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger


Jensom Ng 500

Jensom Ng

Name:  Louis Pang
Studio Name:  LP Photography
Specialty:   Environmental portraiture, weddings, portraits
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Louis started his photographic career with the Borneo Post, an English daily in Malaysia. He then moved on to be a wedding and portrait photographer, winning 11 international awards in USA and UK. While weddings and portraits remain to be his main staple, Louis takes on personal & pro bono photographic projects that challenge him. An inspiring coach and insightful teacher, Louis has taught at photography conferences in USA, Middle East and Asia, sharing a stage with internationally acclaim photographers like Joe McNally, Gregory Heisler, Zack Arias, David Hobby. He was the first Asia-based photographer to be invited to speak and judge at Wedding & Portraits Photographers International (WPPI) annual conference in Las Vegas. He speaks 4 languages fluently. Together with his wife Jasmine, they run the largest portrait studio in Sabah, North Borneo.

Phottix Gear Use:

Mitros & Mitros+ flash
Odins TTL transmitters and receivers for Nikon,
40″, 60″ & 72″ shoot-through and silver umbrellas


Facebook: louispangstudio

LP 500

Louis Pang

Name:  Keda.Z Feng
Studio Name:  Keda.Z Photography
Specialty:   Wedding & Portrait Photography
Country:  Malaysia

Brief Bio:

Keda.Z Feng is the Founder and principle of KEDA.Z Photography Gallery. He is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A member of SGM (Soka Gakkai Malaysia) and am madly in love with art.

Keda.z has received numerous awards from International and Asia for his photographic works since 2009. Only a short period of two years, he has become the most awarded wedding & portrait photographer in Malaysia.

In 2011 November, Keda.z has achieved the Fellow level of Master Photographers Association, the highest qualification within the Association. The award is made for excellence in photographic technique and interpretation. The photographer having exhibited an individual, innovative, artistic and creative style in their submission demonstrating that they are at the leading edge in the art of photography. In the short period of 3 years, Keda.z has won over 101 photography awards from (WPPI, MPA UK, WPPM, Creative Asia) internationally and asia.

Keda.z is a rising star of photographer and speaker in Malaysia. He was invited to be overseas guest speaker and judger at Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Philippines (WPPP) convention and print competition. Keda.z offers a range of sold out seminars, master-class and workshops worldwide to an ever growing fan base eager to learn from him and be inspired by his success and attitude.

He was invited as a speaker/lecturer for international photography associations WPPM, WPPP, MPA-UK, WPS, ALLXIU, WPAS, and conducted many workshop in UK, China, Spain, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries for giving photography training courses and seminars.

Keda.Z is also a examiner of (MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION) and MPA China Ambassador, International Photography Competition judges.

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Nikon
Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger


Keda Z Feng 500

Keda.Z Feng

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