Name:  Jiggie Alejandrino
Specialty:  Portrait and Wedding
Country:  Philippines

Brief Bio:

Jiggie started his photography career in 2007. He is a self-taught photographer who pursued and honed his craft by learning different genres of photography. He focused not only on the creative aspect, but on the technical side of photography as well. Prior to his entry into the wedding industry, he was considered to be one of the most reputable lighting specialists in the Philippines, conducting workshops nationwide and has been featured in various photography magazines. He was also a multi-awarded portrait and advertising photographer.

Jiggie’s expertise in manipulating ambient and artificial light to create clean and classic photographs naturally led him to the genre of portrait and wedding photography. Since then, he has shot numerous weddings locally and overseas exhibiting his signature style. He is also the Founder, Managing Partner and Director of Photography of Team On Site Studio (Team OSS), the group that created the widely popular On Site Studio service.

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Odin II
Phottix Indra500 TTL
Phottix Mitros
Phottix Softboxes and Umbrellas


Jiggle with Phottix Tee 500

Jiggie Alejandrino

Name:  Lito Sy
Specialty:   Portrait and Wedding
Country:  Philippines

Brief Bio:

Lito Sy started his career in wedding photography when he was invited to cover the wedding of his pastor in Davao City, Philippines. The pastor told him he was blessed with a creative eye; it was at this point that Lito started to harness a love for photography.

Lito Sy’s main inspiration in furthering his career in wedding and portrait photography is his family, especially his wife and daughter. To him, they are the two people that motivate him to be the best in the industry, adding other projects such as food, product, fashion and landscape photography in the list of his expertise.


* International WPPI (USA) Double Master Photographer
* WPPP­ (Philippines) Grand Master Photographer
* WPPP Four-Time Photographer of the Year
* WPPAsia­ (Malaysia) Master Photographer
* AsiaWPA (China) ­Master Photographer

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Odin TTL Trigger for Nikon
Phottix Odin Lite Trigger

Lito says: Quality with a reasonable price.



Lito Sy headshot FB 500px

Lito Sy

Name:  Jay Tablantte
Country:  Philippines

Brief Bio:

Jay never imagined himself as a photographer. In fact, his first dream was to become a software engineer for a large IT company despite the lop-sided grades in Calculus. But it was in college when he was introduced to his first camera (and a film camera too). After an indirect nudging from his cousin, finally let the shutterbug bite. He spend a good part of his life living in the darkroom like a vampire. Ever since, he hasn’t looked back and turned his little passion into a full-time profession. And so for the past eight years Jay hasn’t stopped shooting. His work has brought him into far-flung places, from the local productions of Survivor to shooting for established advertising brands, television networks and various international clients. Occasionally he gets to work with local Filipino celebrities and lingerie models for FHM.

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix PPL-400 Studio Light
Atlas II triggers.

Jay says: Phottix opens up a lot of shooting possibilities for me with their gear and accessories.


JayTablante 500

Jay Tablantte

Name:  Niko Miguel G. Villegas
Country:  Philippines

Brief Bio:

Named after famous camera brand Nikon, he was introduced to the arts at a very tender age by his Dad. He soon grew up and studied AB Communication Arts in Ateneo de Davao University. He started photography in college as an elective in school and moved on to work for local dailies and websites. Niko decided to broaden his horizons and moved to the United States in 2006 to pursue a second degree, a BA in Photography at The Art Center Design College in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Currently he uses his namesake Nikon cameras; both film and digital SLRs.

Phottix Gear Use:

Phottix Para-Pro umbrellas
Phottix softboxes
Phottix Octaboxes
Continuous Lights
Atlas II Transceiver Flash Triggers
Hector 7HD LCD

Niko says: Phottix has been a great addition to my arsenal for photography. The PPLs have been very reliable and very convenient to use on assignment locations. My photography, whether fashion, portrait or advertising becomes a breeze with Phottix gear.


Facebook: nikogvillegas
Instagram: nikogvillegas

Nico Villegas 500

Niko Miguel G. Villegas